A Process of Belonging: An Art Exhibition

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“A Process of Belonging” is an exhibit about the different ways in which we seek to belong, whether that is in a physical place, in a community, or to an identity. The three exhibiting artists – Austen Weymueller, Nate Su & Yok Nattaporn – approach this subject in ways specific to their personal understanding of what this process can be. 

Join us for an evening of art, live music, craft beer, snacks and friends! The doors open at 6pm, and there will be live music starting around 8pm.

We will be providing drinks by the awesome My BEER Friend as well as some snacks, but please feel free to bring more food/drink if you want to share! Also, a suggested donation of ฿50-100 would be awesome if you're drinking! 

Bring all your friends, come meet some new ones, and check out the beautiful co-working space and community of Kit n’ Caboodle. 

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