2 openings: Portrait Poems from the Leaves & LetMyVoiceBeHeard

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PORTRAIT POEMS FROM THE LEAVES is a creative collaborative community photography series produced by Wisamun Sitthiket at the Chiang Mai Community House. Artist will be there for Q & A ! 

LET MY VOICE BE HEARD is a project to
…. Empower IDP’s (Internally Displaced People).
.… Show that IDP’s can play an active part in the Peace Process in northern Burma.
…. Let the IDP’s themselves and the world know that their individual stories matter.
…. Give an outlet for the IDP’s, stories, hopes and fears to be made visible.
…. Help all parties involved in this conflict remember who is caught in the middle of the politics.
…. Build up the skills of the IDP so they can be even more useful for their new found communities.
…. Put real faces and families to the statistics about the current IDP crisis 




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