Official Opening 6 Taps

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Dear beer lovers!! 
One of our warm tiny bar’s dream comes true today! 
6 taps is ready to be served you guys.
This JUN 16 (Friday) from 17.00 ‘til 23.00,
come and join us and don’t miss any Craffity’s exclusive promotions for the event!!!

During the night, in addition to the craft beer on taps, you can also enjoy eating with Texas burgers from Burger Box Chiang Mai that comes with a various of menus.

And another menu that you must don't miss is the BBQ with pork and chicken from Salicha pairing with beer is good taste.

Let's immerse ourselves in such a special atmosphere and relish with lucky draw to win a special prize from us.

- Buy 2 glasses of craft beer on tap get FREE BBQ + lucky draw ticket. 



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